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Crunchy Betty Challenge Update

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So I’ve been doing the Crunchy Betty Honey Challenge for a bit over a week now and washing my face every day with honey. I’m sad to say I haven’t exactly been having terrific results. I’m going to give it the full two weeks though, and we’ll see what happens at the end. For now though, on with the review:



I love honey. I mean, I really love it. It’s so sweet and tasty and wonderful and nuanced. The raw manuka honey I’m using is a little bit expensive, but I’m only using a finger full and I suspect that the bees that make it are likely happier and better looked after than the home-brand stuff I usually buy (I’m told that industrial beekeeping operations often kill the bees when winter sets in rather than feeding and looking after them all winter before they become active again in spring).

Sadly it’s just not having the intended effects. My skin is both dry and pimply. How does that even work? At first I thought the dryness could be from the cold, but it’s not. I can feel my skin suddenly get so much drier as I wash off the honey. And as for the pimples, I was tempted to attribute them to my red-headed friend coming to visit last week. You know, surfing the crimson wave, Aunt Flo coming to visit, code red, the communists are in the fun box. But no, they persist. Maybe my skin will have gotten used to t after another week? Maybe?



I’m fast becoming a Crunchy Betty convert. I’m not going to be using all of her suggestions, but I really like trying new things, and I really like food, and I see no reason why something that’s a food may not also be good for other things. Lots of things can be used for more than one thing – see elastic, or hemp, or the internet.



I’m very sad it’s not working out, because I love how fun it is to was my face with honey, and the way it smells. I feel like a kid, like a rebel, like a hippy, a bit silly but okay with that. It feels so fun and nice that I’m gonna keep looking into ways to make it work for my skin. We’ll see.

All I know is that I’m excited every time I put on a bandanna to keep my (newly red) hair out of the way. And I like that.


Murphy’s Law and Honey on my Face

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Murphy’s Law and Honey on my Face

We all know Murphy’s Law, and I of course am as susceptible as anyone to its vicious justice. So when I announced a fortnight ago (oh the hubris) that I was going to be good and punctual and bloggy from then on, well old Murphy, like a gleeful leprechaun, was only too happy to intervene. Thankfully I finally gave the little blighter the kicking he deserved and I’m back – back in time to tell that I’m taking the Crunchy Betty Challenge! (And the blog post I promised for last weekend will be up here tomorrow)

What is this challenge of which I speak?



Well everyone has this vague idea that honey is pretty good for you. There are plenty of things going for it. And apparently lots of those things are good for your skin. So the challenge is to wash your face with honey once a day for two weeks. I’ve started a few days late so I’ll do a midway post about how things are going as well as a wrap up in a fortnight.

Some things I’ve observed so far:

Raw honey is not labelled super well. It’s important to get raw or unpasteurized honey I’m told, since the heating when it’s processed destroys a whole lot of goodness. I couldn’t see any jars labeled ‘Raw Honey’ so I had to look a bit closer – eventually I came across a jar of Bee Products Active’s manuka honey, which in small print on the side says it’s ‘pure, raw, New Zealand’ honey.



Manuka honey smells weird. As per the label – “Manuka Honey is world renowned for its distinctive rich flavour, unique aroma and special properties.” I can’t say it’d be the best flavour for baking, but it’s growing on me.

My skin seems to be a little dry immediately after I wash it, but since I usually just use warm water it might just take a few days to adapt. Also it’s quite cold and windy at the moment so it could be that.

It’s pretty fun putting honey on my face – I feel a bit like I’m little and playing with my food.


Last of all, I was pretty charmed by this video Crunchy Betty herself made demonstrating the process – it may have been a large part of my decision to join the challenge: