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Quick note – sheee’s baaaaack…

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Butters the Cat


Hi all,

I’ve been gone a pretty long time, dealing with some fairly hefty shadows.

But now I’ve finished study for the year and I’m going a lot more smoothly, I’m thinking with the time on my hands I’m gonna throw the blog world some love.

See ya soon!


Moving in

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So I’ve kept this little blog over at Orble, fed it, tended it, since April last year. They were good times. I learnt a lot about a lot.

But I’ve gotten a little tired of Orble. And, to be perfectly honest, I’ve been getting a little bit jealous of all the pretty, shiny blogs out there outside that network.

And so I’m moving on, and moving in.

Over the next little while I plan to scooch all my posts on over from there, and when I’m done I suppose I’ll have to think up some new things to say.

I look forward to meeting you all, my Future Friends (and of course, Old Friends are always welcome).

The beginning of big things

Priorities – A Quick Note

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You may wonder why today’s blog post is rather short. I can tell you why; it’s because it’s five minutes to midnight and I have to get up early tomorrow to get on a plane (yay Brussels!), and I haven’t even packed yet.

The La Rochelle Aquarium

Why have I been so lax in my duties? I certainly didn’t intend to be. I even had a title picked out for today’s post – “Research vs Surprise: two approaches for confronting new foods”. I may even come back to that topic one day, although perhaps with a snappier title.

But what it all boils down to is that, dear readers, given the choice between having an impromptu dinner guest and loads of awesome conversation or writing a blog post, eating some cheese and then going to bed early, I’m afraid I’m going to choose dinner guests every time. I’ve heard other bloggers talk about how it’s hard to find a balance between living their life and telling everyone else how to live theirs, but I think my advice is sage enough that you can go one Thursday without hearing from me, can’t you?

I also didn’t take any photos for you because the camera was in my room, my room is upstairs, and I don’t like stairs. Instead, above, you can see one of me being angry at a fish. Deal with it.

Emotions on the backburner-

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-and the front one, and in the oven too.

I’ve always loved cooking. I remember making Surprise Pancakes when I was little by taking a little bit of every open container in my Nan’s cupboard and mixing it up with water. I remember using my thumb to make the little dents in the jam drops. And more than anything, I remember how it felt.

I never really could understand those people who see cooking as something separate or foreign. Food is such an integral part of life, indeed without it we probably wouldn’t have life. And it is wonderful. Who hasn’t walked past a bakery and felt a swelling of the spirit with the smell of freshly baked bread? Who hasn’t felt the playful lightness of a fingerful of cake batter? Who hasn’t felt that little cathartic rush when you chop through a green bean, or whip some egg whites into submission?

Cooking often forms a huge part of my life’s emotions. And as I’ve become more aware of its part in my life, it’s grown even more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to advocate a whole world with nothing but celebrity chefs (heck, I’m in the middle of a BA/LLB program, I certainly don’t have time, nor can I afford, to be spending all my time cooking). But no matter what you do, you still need food. Why not let that time you spend on it to bring some small piece of emotional nourishment as well?

In this blog, I hope to talk about the relationship I find between cooking and emotion, a tremendously interesting one to my mind, and maybe a few recipes as well.