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So you want to know about me? Here’s a few tidbits that’ll get you started at least:

I’m a Uni student. Law, Linguistics and French are my chosen areas, but French sadly seems to be falling by the wayside at the moment.

I grew up by the ocean, and I really don’t cope well being far away from it for any period of time.

Mangroves on the banks of an estuarine creek at sunset near where I grew up

I have an amazing partner, and tonnes of great friends and relatives to boot.

I spent a few months in France and, coincidentally, stopped shaving/waxing.

I have loads and loads of opinions, and they’re changing all the time.

One of the big reasons I’m keeping this blog is that I’ve fallen in love with the food blogger community. I know I won’t end up as one of those famous bloggers, the ones who write books and earn money from blogging. I just wanna share ideas with all the other food bloggers (and garden bloggers, and craft bloggers, etc) and have fun and meet challenges and learn things.

I have a terrible sweet tooth.

Mmmmm, chocolate

And I really like white nail polish.

Well that ought to tide you over for now, all you curious cats!


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  1. Hello,

    I am Noa Berger, VizEat’s Community Manager ( We connect locals and travellers who’d like to discover a new culture with hosts who welcome them at their home around a meal.

    Using VizEat is very easy and straightforward: hosts post their meal (this could also be an aperitif, brunch, wine & cheese, etc.) select a date & price, choose their guests and then share an authentic moment around a home cooked meal!

    I would be delighted to discuss a potential partnership. There are numerous mutually beneficial opportunities that we can present to you.

    Would you be available for a 10 minute chat so that I can give you more details about the partnership and what we are proposing?

    We look forward to welcoming you on board!

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    Noa Berger
    Community Manager


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