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Sometimes I Just Feel Like A Glass Of Wine

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Sometimes I Just Feel Like A Glass Of Wine

Sometimes, sitting down at the end of the day, I really want a glass of wine. White wine. Sweet white wine. Cheap sweet white wine.

Sadly, ninety-nine percent of the time I don’t have a bottle of wine on hand. So I sit, ruminate on wine and glasses and life and cockatiels and whatever else springs to mind, and then the feeling passes and life goes on.

But these last few days, the last week even, each night the desire for a glass of wine has crept up on me. And so I decided it was time.


I went to the bottle shop and bought a bottle of the cheapest sweetest looking white wine I could find (five dollars something – bargain!) and brought it home.

As it sat in my fridge through the afternoon the anticipation grew. I thought about how I never used to drink alcohol at all. I thought about the ceremony that goes with a glass of wine in the evening – the fancy glass, the cosy chair, the possible addition of a knee blanket, the slow luxurious sips.

Eventually it came time. And what a magnificent time it was. I really like the wine I got – Gossips Sweet Lips Muscato. It’s very very sweet and very slightly fizzy and just lovely. I could feel myself relaxing even as I looked at it.


It’s funny how very relaxing one glass of wine is. It’s not the alcohol itself, because even though I am quite the cadbury, one sip is not enough to affect even me. So I have come to the conclusion that it is the ceremony, the idea, the luxury, the feeling of having a glass of wine. I’ve written before about seeking out luxury, but sometimes one isn’t in fact in Tasmania, and so a little bit of ceremony goes a long way.

I’m even thinking of buying a bottle of Appleteaser and seeing if I can replicate the feeling entirely sans-alcohol. We’ll see.

Do you have any ceremonies you use to relax?


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  1. Well, I didn’t think I did. But I do this ‘thing’ and it’s a but because I don’t know if this comes under the same heading as it’s not a desire for luxury but it is a ceremony I perform on a Sunday. I don’t like Sundays and on a Sunday I generally have a lowness of spirit around 4pm regardless of how busily or happily I have occupied myself during the day. So, if I am at home alone, to allieviate this feeling I make sure I have a ‘treat’ (usually of the chocolate cake kind) available. I then make myself a nice cup of green tea with mint in my big cream coloured breakfast cup, put my cake on a plate with a cake fork (it has to be a cake fork not any other kind of fork), get a napkin and go and sit on my sofa with my feet up and watch a film or a TV programme that I have recorded and have been dying to watch for ages – sometimes I savea programme especially for Sundays. I sit there eat my cake, drink my tea, watch my film and I feel a bit better. And I had no idea I did this, in the same way each Sunday, until I read your blog and started thinking about ceremonies and luxuries. Well obviously I knew I did it but I ddin’t realise I did it with such a sense of ceremony and one which I don’t appreciate having disturbed either. My Sunday standby – it works – most times.

    • That sounds like a really lovely tradition. Isn’t it wonderful how we manage to find ways like that to make life just that little bit sweeter.

      Have a great Sunday tomorrow : )


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