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So I’ve kept this little blog over at Orble, fed it, tended it, since April last year. They were good times. I learnt a lot about a lot.

But I’ve gotten a little tired of Orble. And, to be perfectly honest, I’ve been getting a little bit jealous of all the pretty, shiny blogs out there outside that network.

And so I’m moving on, and moving in.

Over the next little while I plan to scooch all my posts on over from there, and when I’m done I suppose I’ll have to think up some new things to say.

I look forward to meeting you all, my Future Friends (and of course, Old Friends are always welcome).

The beginning of big things

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I am: a law student; a linguistics amateur; a fiancee; a friend; a sister; a cousin; a daughter; a granddaughter; a great-granddaughter; super into languages (especially French); Australian; a gardener; a cook; endowed with a sweet tooth; a reader; lazy; curious; sometimes wrong; sometimes right; sometimes confused; always keen to get to know other people and myself.

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