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Inspiring Ethical Food (and Writers)

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I’ve been getting inspired lately. I’ve spent a lot of time reading food blogs, eating food, and thinking about things. And so I thought I’d share a few of the changes and ideas that have struck me lately. Thing’s I’d like to incorporate into my life and my food.

Eating locally

A gorgeous fresh mango, as big as my hand!

This one’s come from a variety of places. Part of it is seeing mangos for sale here in France while it’s snowing outside. On one hand it’s a miracle of globalisation and amazing. But on the other hand, the hand that’s holding a lot of weight in my mind at the moment, is the thought of all the energy it took to get that mango here, plus considering just how good quality a mango like that could be, especially compared to the lovely fresh ones I’m used to in mango season at home in Australia. If I had to attribute this idea to someone, it would be the Tigress. I don’t think I will ever eat entirely locally, I just love cinnamon and vanilla too much, but I hope to get my percentage local to start heading on its way up.

Eating (and living) cruelty-free

I'd like to think the hens that lay the eggs I eat are as happy as old George here.

This one is something I’ve been trying to edge towards for a while now, but haven’t made any real commitment to. And this isn’t a promise either. I know that for now my lifestyle isn’t anywhere near cruelty-free, but I also know the best way to sabotage any lifestyle change is to make it extreme and sudden. And this is not something I want to be just a fad. So I’m taking it slow. But eventually it will hopefully mean knowing where all of my food comes from, and being happy with what goes on there. I attribute the inspiration for this one to my family. It’s my upbringing, thinking about the consequences of my actions, and compassionate thinking, which make me want my impact on the world to be a cruelty-free one.

Eating with more balance

This one comes directly from a lady named Gena. While I don’t think her lifestyle (vegan, high-raw) is ideal for me, and I don’t agree that cruelty-free = animal product-free, this is a lady that puts a whole lot of thought, and love, into her food choices. And the overwhelming message I take away is balance. It’s about feeling good, ethically and physically. And I know that when I spend a day and put a little bit of thought into balancing out nutrients and getting all the components my body needs, I feel a whole lot better than a day where I eat only chocolate-based items.

Feeding people more often

I feed people fairly often when I’m home. I’ll have a little party for this or that. But I’d love to ramp that up a bit. I want to have people over for afternoon tea on the weekends. I want to take someone a cake as a surprise, just because I like them. It’s not easy when you don’t have that much money coming in, but sharing food and making people happy with food is a feeling I love, and reading about it in so so many blogs out there, I want that feeling more.

So those are some of my thoughts at the moment. I think it’s nice to have goals for yourself. Because you can never be perfect, and that’s a gift, because it means you always have something you can improve, and get that little boost of satisfaction that you’ve made yourself a better person. And I think being more ethical is one of those goals that just keep on giving. So what do you think, feeling inspired?

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