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Cooking: Kid-Style

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I like cooking with kids. Love it in fact. Not only do I get the chance to hang out with some kids, but they are a great excuse to really have fun with it. Cooking that is.

She knows what she's doing

Now before people go ahead and tell me how much my tune will change when I have kids of my own and find out ‘what they’re really like’, I’ve gotta tell ya that you’re just not getting into the spirit of things. I know what children are like. I’ve got enough cousins to have a comprehensive idea just what it’s all about. I’ve changed nappies. I’ve bathed babies. I’ve had little girls tell me that I’m on their ‘mean list’ because they can’t have what they want. I still like kids. I think they’re fantastic. These little creatures are on their way to being real people and they’re just amazing to see.

Feeding my baby cousin

And to make cupcakes with. Why?

They don’t care if they’re not all symmetrical and ‘perfect’. Sometimes it’s easy to feel a little inadequate if something comes out of the oven looking like a sad dugong, but kids know the truth – that IS perfect. (And there is of course always the “that’s the one SHE did” routine)

The more sprinkles the better.

You have to taste it. At every stage of cooking. It’s the rules.

So what if a bit of batter ends up on the counter. Or your shirt. Or your hair. Or the baby. There’s always plenty of time to clean up later, when the important work is done. No one can say anything – you’re busy looking after the kids.

It is always necessary to show everyone your cupcakes. And tell them how great they are. And believe it too.

And most of all, cooking is fun. It’s amazing how when you add wet ingredients to the dry ingredients of chocolate batter it suddenly gets so much darker. And how cool is it that cake puffs up in the oven! And it’s so much fun to stir things as hard as you possibly can, just to see how hard that is. Cooking is practically magic – and don’t even get me started on sprinkles.

So go cook with some kids! I dare you!

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I am: a law student; a linguistics amateur; a fiancee; a friend; a sister; a cousin; a daughter; a granddaughter; a great-granddaughter; super into languages (especially French); Australian; a gardener; a cook; endowed with a sweet tooth; a reader; lazy; curious; sometimes wrong; sometimes right; sometimes confused; always keen to get to know other people and myself.

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