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I Dream Of Jam Making

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I love to have a good project underway. But almost as much as having one going, I really like to have a project floating around in the future, like a dream. A nice dream. The kind of dream where everything is tinged the subtlest shade of mauve. The kind of dream you have when you fall asleep listening to Prince. And right now, amongst many, many other things, I dream of jam making.

I've made lemon butter before, but I've never gone so far as to make jam.

In a maze of link clicking the other day (you know, one of those times where you start out on a page about exoticism in the works of Chateaubriand, and end up reading about the medicinal properties of the colour blue), I ended up at the site(s) of a lovely lady who goes by the name of Tigress. She sure likes preserving things, and I’m glad she decided to write a blog about it, because I like eating preserved things. Like jam. Also like pickles. And that, remarkably kindly, big cat has got it in my head, and on my list, to make some.

None of that list is really firmly scheduled in. And it’s entirely possible that some of them won’t get done for years, if at all. Because these are not ‘goals’, they’re not (at this stage) things that are important to my happiness in and of themselves. If they were I’d be all about the scheduling and the planning. But in my opinion, it’s none to great to have your entire life planned to within five minutes of accuracy. It certainly doesn’t work for me. Because sometimes one just doesn’t feel like weeding the garden, or painting pictures, or whatever other project is on the go. Sometimes you just want to be able to put down whatever you’re doing and not worry about it. Sometimes you don’t want to do anything; you just want to daydream about all of the lovely things you could do. Sometimes you just feel like makin’ some jams.

And so I keep my list, my list of things that I think could be cool. I love cruising blogs for things to include. Joy the Baker is one of my favourite favourites, along with some fellow food bloggers here on ol’ Orble (well, they’re not all food bloggers, but they’re all bloggers!), and loads of others too. Or just things that pop up. You may notice growing mâche on my list there. I’ve posted about my encounter with that handsome vegetable before.

I’ve never understood why people are so cautious about daydreaming, and thinking about little things, or heck, doing little fun things. Maybe they’re not going to win you fame or fortune, but at the end of jam making one rainy day, I’ll certainly have some yummy jams (or some terrible ones and a good story – either way works).


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