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Change is a funny thing. You can see it in every part of your life, right down to the foods you eat. Long gone are the days when the list of foods I don’t like included cream, butter, zucchinis and anything less than well-done meat. And many of my staple meals now can be traced back to a particular time where something changed. And I think I’ve come across a new little change for my diet in the form of mâche.

Apparently known in English speaking countries as Lamb’s Lettuce, Corn Salad, Field Salad or plenty of other things, this is a green that I was entirely unaware of before seeing it here at the markets. Since I had a bit of a craving for greens and the silverbeet that was available looked pretty sorry for itself, I bought some of this “mâche”, and I was impressed. Crisp and flavourful, but not too bitter (I’ve got quite a low tolerance for bitterness in my greens, which is why I tend to steer clear of your fancy lettuces), I had a big old bowlful with nothing more than a little bit of rhubarb jam and a few little chunks of camembert and enjoyed every mouthful.

I’m a huge fan of little changes. To my mind they’re the best changes of all. When they add up they can do amazing things, like turn two little kids into a uni student/blogger/traveller and a young man who can pick up said student/blogger/traveller up and move her out of the way on his way to work.

I’m also a fan of little changes because it’s so easy for big changes to be too big, too much, too soon. You can’t push change. There’s only a certain amount you can cope with, and after that you get homesick, or diarrhoea, or both. Despite the fact that there seems to be plenty around, I don’t intend to go trying raw milk while I’m here. It’s important to know one’s limits, and I’m pretty sure my tummy would draw a line at that one.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that you have to let change come. It doesn’t do to hide from change, because then you miss out on yummy new salad greens. But you can’t try and change everything at once. You’ve got to be able to look at yourself and see the good bits, and know that for now at least, it’s cool to keep them where they are, and keep tasty foods on the menu even if they have been around for a while.

And of course, some things never change.

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