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The Fourth Meal Of The Day

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Do you ever sit up past your bedtime? Every feel like, for one reason or another, it’s now hours past when you would normally go to sleep and you’re not really used to this time of night/day? Ever have that happen when you weren’t really expecting it? Ever start to get hungry?

Each day we space our meals roughly the same distance apart, or at least I do. and each day we go to bed not more than a couple of hours after dinner, or at least that’s what happens for me. And when that odd night comes along and I have my dinner and settle down, but don’t actually manage to make it to the land of nod, I find that, after the amount of time I usually allot between meals, I get hungry again.

I used to find this very odd. I mean, I don’t usually eat at midnight. And I don’t usually wake up really hungry. So why was I hungry in the middle of the night?

You’ve probably deduced my newest tentative conclusion about why that happens from my second paragraph there. I think my body at least must work on a system of working out when mealtimes are on the basis of the hours I’ve spent awake since my last meal, with obvious factors like exertion, the qualities of the last meal and so on.

You know what I’ve also discovered though. Unless you’re planning on sleeping for a good eight hours after that mysterious fourth mealtime that appears in the middle of a long night, you can’t give in. If you do, or if I do at least, I just wake up feeling gross. I feel gross physically, and also I feel a bit gross when it comes to my emotions. The food that you eat in the middle of the night is never free, it’s hardly ever healthy, and most times it ruins your food plans for the next day by removing one or two small yet crucial ingredients.

So unless you’ve planned for a midnight feast, or you’ve carefully considered all of the factors before diving in, don’t. But if you have, enjoy your delightful sneaky fourth meal my lucky friend! And on that note, instead of eating flapjacks, I am off to bed.

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I am: a law student; a linguistics amateur; a fiancee; a friend; a sister; a cousin; a daughter; a granddaughter; a great-granddaughter; super into languages (especially French); Australian; a gardener; a cook; endowed with a sweet tooth; a reader; lazy; curious; sometimes wrong; sometimes right; sometimes confused; always keen to get to know other people and myself.

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