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Dressing up The Basics To Make Something Special – Pinwheel Biscuits

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It doesn’t always take a world of effort or money to make Something Special. All you really need are the basics, and a little bit of an eye for the possibilities.

I’m sure that at least ninety-five percent of the people reading this blog have their own favourite basic vanilla biscuit recipe (if not, you could try this one, or this one, or this one or even this one) and so I won’t add my own – especially since it’s not really mine, it’s one I stole off of J.

But, you say, I don’t want some plain, single-flavoured biscuits, boring old round biscuits. First of all, I would reply, who doesn’t want biscuits? Even normal, round, single-flavoured biscuits? And secondly, you’re not seeing the possibilities!

It was a girl’s birthday a couple of days ago here in the University residence, and to contribute a little something my colocataire (that’s roommate to you Anglophones) and I decided to make biscuits. And not just any biscuits, super-uber-special biscuits-of-awesomeness! Sadly we don’t really have the budget to go down the luxury ingredients route, but that can’t stop us. Instead we made super cool pinwheel biscuits with the very basic ingredients we had on hand.

The first step was to start making a basic biscuit mix. However, before adding the flour, we divided the wet mixture in two. To one half we added some hot chocolate powder, and to the other, some of the honey we have on our breakfast.

Makeshift rolling pin

The flour went into each one, and then we rolled both mixtures out nice and flat.

Placing one sheet of biscuit dough on top of the other, we rolled them up like a cigar, and using a sharp knife cut it into approximately one centimetre thick rounds.

Our pinwheel biscuits were ready to bake, and they bake just as easily as any normal basic biscuit.

They went down a treat, everyone loved them, and it just goes to show you that you can make something special and unique without lots of money or fancy-pants utensils and ingredients. The special comes from you!

Food table at the party

The empty plate is where our biscuits used to be

I’m sorry I didn’t post on Monday everyone. To tell the truth, I was feeling a little down, and my blog post, among other things, just didn’t get done. I feel suitably contrite though, and I do still love you all, my faceless internet companions, I promise I do!

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