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Cooking for a new gentleman, lady, or non-gendered entity? Cooking for an existing gentleman, lady or non-gendered entity? Just feel like slipping into some silky satin and being a little bit luxurious?

If any of the above situations describes you, then listen in!

I’ve talked about using food to set a mood before, but I thought today that I would have a little bit more of an in depth look at those foods that make you feel like someone’s speaking to your insides with an irish accent. When you think about them, as different as the many foods are that fall into this category, they have a few things in common.

Orchids - famed for their sexiness.

1 – They all have some sort of link in your mind to sexy or luxurious things. It can either be a society-wide link, or one that is more individual. Who hasn’t heard that oysters are an aphrodisiac, or of the rich person’s treats that are French pastries? As for things that are more personal, my first date with J has left me with a particularly fond feeling towards dukkah with bread and oil. Since this is such a subjective thing it’s interesting to think about what things were sexy in the past – carrots apparently were once considered quite the coup, since their shape resembles so much a wooden light-pole.

2 – They’re just a little bit awkward to eat. Sexy foods always benefit from the feeling of excess that comes from having something dribble down your chin. They say watermelon actually contains a chemical that functions in a way similar to viagra, but I have a feeling that it’s got more to do with leaning off of the verandah with watermelon juice all over your face.

3 – They’re unusual. Think about it. Why would something be super sexy and exciting if you ate that same thing every day? Even something a little different from the norm, say having cinnamon on your sweet potato, or stroganoff on pasta instead of rice, can go a long way to making a meal sexy.

And so I urge you, one and all, to remember it’s the little things, the differences, the fun, that make life sexy. Slip on a skirt you haven’t worn in ages, have dinner outside, heck, have dinner in a different room inside, use the fancy plates and cutlery, take a walk at nighttime, and make your life a little bit sexier.

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