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Vegetarian Gluten-Free Stuffed Mushrooms

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I’ve mentioned these mushrooms before, because they’re one of my favourite things to cook, to serve, and to eat. Before I give you the recipe, I’ll tell you why.

They’re fantastic to cook, because they’re simple, and they have a huge margin for error. You can put most anything in them (even bacon if you’re not aiming for vegetarian afterall). You can make them in advance and just heat them back up. You don’t have to weigh anything or measure anything. You don’t need a blender or any other appliances – just a bowl, a spoon, a knife, maybe a pan, a tray and some sort of oven or grill. And you can make it as fiddly or not as you feel (sometimes I feel like doing fiddly things; it relaxes my mind).

The beginning

They’re fantastic to serve, because they look very fancy, they taste amazing and they’re versatile. They’re great party food because they can just be eaten with your fingers if you make them small. They’re great romantic food because they’re juicy and luxurious, and you can make them a little bit bigger than bite-sized. They’re great for people with restricted diets because you can put whatever you want in there. And as I said before, you can preprepare them and just reheat them.

The Middle

They’re fantastic to eat, because they’re super yummy! And healthy if you want, or not, also if you want.

The End

So how do you make these miraculous mushrooms?


– other than the mushrooms and ricotta (or replacement), everything is optional –

Mushrooms, (whatever size you want and as many as you need)
Ricotta cheese (possible replacements – light ricotta, mashed potato, pureed sunflower seeds or nuts)
Almond meal, or other nut meal
Garlic, finely minced
Oil for cooking off things like garlic in (I suggest sunflower, but whatever you’ve got is fine)
Tomato, in small chunks
Oregano, chopped
Anything else you want, in little chunks


Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C. Remove the stems from the mushrooms (set them aside) and arrange them cap-down on an oven tray. Cook off anything that you think could use cooking off (e.g. garlic, bacon, potatoes, onion, etc). Chop up the mushroom stems into little chunks. Mix your ricotta with everything else except the actual mushroom caps, and then spoon it into the mushrooms. Put them in the oven. Check them every 10min or so, and they’re done when the mushrooms are tender.

Plate them up and enjoy!

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