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Too Much Of A Good Thing

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Sometimes, no matter how utterly delicious something is, after a few days of eating it you just want something else. And right now, for me, that’s bread. Or even processed carbs in general.

Pain au Chocolat

It was just so goooooood

I’ve been in Paris for four and a bit days now, and I’ve had so much bread, and pastries, and even pasta, that all I really want right now is a big bowl of veggies. Dark green and orange. That’s what I want.

It makes me sad really. I love bread. I love French bread even more. But I think I’m close to spoiling it for myself, and I don’t have to stop eating it to get the taste back like I did for devon and tomato sauce sandwiches in primary school.

This is a lesson that I’ve learnt several times over now, and it’s one I want to maybe try and share, even though I know it won’t stick for me, nor probably for any of you. Pace yourself. Even if you find an unlimited well of 85c baguettes like I did, just hold yourself back a little. Don’t eat it for every meal. Eat things that are very different to it in between.

Human beings need variety.

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