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Coffee on Crown: A Review

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I had a really fantastic day today, and (apart from voting for the first time ever and getting an amazing massage) I think it had a lot to do with finding a cool new café in Newcastle!

I had an appointment in on Hunter St (the aforementioned massage) but I was there about two hours early, so I decided to have a look around for some place to read my book and have a nice snack. I’m not sure if you’ve been on Hunter Street lately (or ever for that matter), so I’ll tell you; there aren’t a huge number of good cafés in there any more. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’s making a come back though, and this place is an awesome sign.

It’s on Crown Street, you know, the little street just in front of the cinema. Pro-tip: it’s also the coolest place in town during the summer, because of the lovely trees and the angle of the buildings – sometimes by five degrees!

Now, I suppose I’ll use my two usual review categories: cooking and feeling.


Reading a book at Coffee on Crown

I got myself a skim mocha, because I’m trying to get used to the taste of coffee, and settled down at a little table to read my book. It was not too bad, which is a big complement coming from me. Perhaps a better piece of information is that my friend L, who actually likes coffee, says that it was very good. Also, I was talking to the guys who run the place and they spent an inordinate amount of money and research getting the best coffee machine around.

Far more to my taste was the little tiny anzac biscuit type thing that came with the coffee. Very tasty indeed!

A funny shaped brownie

The other thing I got was a chocolate hazelnut brownie. It was so rich and delicious and fudgey with a bit of crunch, just like a brownie should be. It was a funny shape, but I can forgive them for that.


Coffee on Crown is a pretty good name, first of all. It doesn’t stand out as much as some, but it’s really easy to remember. I didn’t forget it once, and I’m terrible with names.

It was quite nicely decorated and airy inside: far less dingy than all of the other cafés that I walked past. I’ll tell the truth and say it was a little generic, but still the pick of the bunch so far as I can see.

The two guys who run it were super friendly, and seemed very happy for people to just sit and use the free wireless, or read a book like me. They also seemed to really like working there, and they were very proud of all their products. While I was having a chat to them they let me smell the coffee (yeah, it smelled like coffee) and the white hot chocolate mix (amazing, I’m sad I didn’t have one) and I tried a chocolate-coated coffee bean (not as bad as I expected).

I does still feel a little unfinished since they’re still in the process of installing computers that will make up a little internet café section, but since they’ve only been up and running a few weeks that’s totally understandable.


So it’s a bitter sweet sort of thing friends. I’ve found a fantastic new café, but I’m leaving the country in a week so I won’t be able to enjoy it for six months. And how will I ever be able to find tasty food or beverages in France?!

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