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Food and Guilt

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I don’t know about you, but if I have a plate of biscuits, or cake, or marshmallows, or potato gems, or party pies in front of me, I very rarely have the self-discipline not to eat them all in a big flurry of crumbs and gnashing jaws. We’re told that junk food is addictive and maybe that has something to do with it, but in truth, I just don’t know. What I do know is that it’s all too easy to eat more food than you need, and food that you know isn’t necessarily good for you. And I know that it’s almost impossible not to feel guilty afterwards.

A very persuasive chocolate frappé from Max Brenner

Emotions that are attached to food are not always good or pleasant emotions. I like to write about the good emotions that come along with foods because so many people forget about these good things, and they miss out on some of the loveliest feelings life can give. But I can’t ignore some of the bad things that also attach themselves to our food.

I don’t really know the magic bullet solution to dealing with food-related guilt. My goodness, if I did I would not only be a lot happier, I’d also probably be a kazillionaire by now. This is something that makes so many people hate having to cook and having to eat. It’s a terrible, terrible thing. So I’d like to share a couple of observations I’ve made in my own life, in the hopes that maybe they’ll open the way for people to experience the fantastic side of food.

• I don’t feel as guilty, or even guilty at all, if I’m eating something as a once off treat or splurge. You absolutely need to splurge once in a while, or else you’re missing the whole point. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, food is not just nourishment for your body, it’s for your mind and your emotions too. Every diet needs to include their RDI of fun.

• It’s important to remember that what’s done is done. So you ate a few more Tim Tams than you should have. Don’t wallow in that bad feeling, because I find that just makes me eat more. It’s a terrible food-spiral-of-DOOM!

• Don’t try to make up for eating something “bad” by not eating enough. Just returning to a normal routine and writing that day off is far better that trying to claw your good name back. It’s the best thing that you could do for your emotions, and I believe for your body as well.

I’d love to hear any advice anyone has on how to combat food guilt; the biscuits, lamingtons and doughnut I’ve had today are weighing heavily on my heart (and on my poor tummy)…

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