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Everyone gets angry every now and then because, let’s face it, there are a lot of things out there to be angry about. They fall into two broad categories, things you can do something about (like when a cat digs up your garden, or you have a disagreement with a friend) and things you just can’t do anything about, for one reason or another (like when you realise how terrible Australia’s penal system is, or your computer decides it doesn’t like you or your blog and won’t let you post on it, or you see someone laughing at the misfortune of others).

That anger certainly isn’t a bad thing, and when you find somewhere to channel your passion you can achieve amazing things. However, if it’s late at night and you’ve just finished reading some article, or having some conversation, and you’re just filled with pent-up frustration and pure simple anger, I find that I, at least, need some outlet. I need to do something.


And that’s when I pull out the Rage Cake (or Biscuit, or Pesto, or whatever). And the essential element in the recipe you choose should be effort. Personally, I find that whipping egg whites and yolks by hand does the trick, so my two favourite Rage Cake recipes are a sponge cake (a decent recipe can be found here) or chocolate mousse (lots of variations can be found here). But it doesn’t really matter what it is, it just needs to be something you can pour your energy into, so it could be grinding spices, or pounding out a pesto in the pestle and mortar, or mashing potatoes even!

At the start of my law degree I found it very hard sometimes to deal with the anger I got left with after reading a case or article that concerned a truly terrible set of facts. The worst part was that I would usually read my cases and whatnot at night, and when I was done I didn’t really have anything I could do, even though I was full of so much energy. One night though, I’d been thinking about cooking that day and I ended up grabbing some eggs and making a gorgeous fluffy cake from a recipe book that was lying around. And it made me feel so much better, I could hardly believe it.

Rage Cake doesn’t take away your anger; as I said before, anger can be really good sometimes. It does, however, calm it down. It gets it down to a concentrated smoulder rather than a bonfire, and leaves you resolved rather than furious. It also leaves you with a tasty cake to share with whomever you choose!

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