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I-DEFINITELY-Didn’t-Forget-Your-Birthday Cake

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This cake is perfect for the last minute on a special occasion; it’s easy, flexible and yet still impressive. I usually make a chocolate marble like in the pictures, but I’ll try and make the recipe flexible enough to suit a variety of tastes.

I made this for my partner’s last birthday (and I left it until that day on purpose, I didn’t just forget to organize a cake until that morning), but I didn’t take any photos so I whipped another one up tonight.


180g Eggs
180g Butter (or half apple purée half butter for the fat conscious)
180g Sugar
180g Self-Raising Flour
Flavouring/colouring (e.g. four squares dark chocolate melted, food dye, crushed up berries, etc)

You’ll notice that the weights of the main ingredients are all the same. This means that you can easily make a bigger or smaller cake depending on your requirements. The easiest way is to weigh the eggs and match the other values to that. 180g is about 3 large eggs. This makes a cake about 25cm in diameter.


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C. Mix the eggs, butter, sugar and flour together. Divide the mixture in two. To one half, add your flavouring/colouring. Grease or line a cake tin. Alternate large scoops of the two mixtures into the tin one after the other until all used up. Resist the urge to mix the batter around. Pop it in the oven. Cooking times will vary depending on the size of the cake, but as a rough guide a three egg cake will take around 40-50 minutes.

When it’s done (a knife or skewer poked into the centre comes out clean), sit it on a plate to cool, then ice with your favourite icing.

I am giving the particular cake I made tonight to my boyfriend. I made it for him (wink) because I dropped his iPhone into a cup of hot chocolate. See, it’s so versatile it can even say “I’m sorry”.

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