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Winter is the time that always calls the loudest for comfort food. It is the time of the flu, of cold ears and noses, of wearing layers, and of having to wash all of those layers. With all of these trials and tribulations, it’s no wonder that I find myself more and more craving those warming hearty foods I grew up with.

Everyone has their own comfort foods. They are the meals that you grew up with. The ones that never lasted very long as left-overs. The foods that are like a blanket for your insides. It could be your parents who cooked them, your grandparents, a favourite aunt or uncle or cousin or family friend. It could even be the food from a favoured restaurant of your youth. But where ever it came from, everyone has some food that sits just right in your stomach on a cold winter’s night.

For myself, currently ensconced in a plague house and pausing as I type to hack up a lung, I have so many things that I want. Corned beef with mashed potato and pumpkin, savoury mince with dumplings, casserole, bolognaise with mushy pasta, what my Nan likes to call chow mein. There’s nothing like a comfort food when you just don’t have the effort in you for something more exotic, or you think your stomach is just not up to it.

My favourite of all is my Mum’s chops with rice.

I haven’t managed to cook it properly on my own, not having the right sized oven dish (all we have is a big one that would take about twenty chops to fill properly), but all of my attempts have tasted wonderful, if not quite the same.

Anyway, here’s how it goes:

– Line an oven dish with foil, with plently hanging out to fold over the top. You’ll want the dish to be the right size to just fit your chops in a single layer.

– Put the chops (probably not pork chops, but any other kind are fine) in, and sprinkle over a packet of french onion soup mix.

– On top of that, place a layer of rice. You can par cook it in the microwave, but you don’t really have to. Then pour over that about half a cup to a cup of water, fold over the foil and put it in the oven.

– Cook on 180-ish until the meat is done. I think about an hour but it all depends on your chops, your oven and how you like your meat.

Sorry for the late post. My internet was angry with me last night.

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