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Expectations Crumble

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Step 1: 
Decide to cook something for dinner that takes a fruit sauce – I suggest roast pork.

Step 2:
Go to the shops to get ingredients

Step 3:
Suddenly realise that making stewed fruit for sauce is the main part of the work for making a fruit crumble. In this moment, plan out exactly how the process of cooking and eventual eating will go: tangy apples, caramelised brown sugar on the crispy crunchy oats, smells wafting from the oven.

Yummy yummy apple and rhubarb
Step 4:
As you browse through the aisles, spot three or four small additions that would go well in a crumble and throw them in the trolley.

Step 5:
Get home and put on your dinner, paying special attention to the big pot of fruit sauce.

Step 6:
Go to the cupboard and pull out your big bag of rolled oats. [Note that it seems strangely squishy.]

Step 7:
Having thrown out your grub-filled bag of oats, combine your flour, brown sugar and butter in a bowl. It should be crumble-y in consistency.

Step 8:
Place the mushy fruit mix in the bottom of a pan with the crumbly crumble on top and put it into the oven at some temperature for some period of time.

Step 9:
Open the oven door and see your Expectations Crumble. That oat-less, not-so-apple-y dessert may not be what your long-suffering boyfriend was looking forward to, but it’ll be as half eaten as mine is in no time.

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