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Emotions on the backburner-

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-and the front one, and in the oven too.

I’ve always loved cooking. I remember making Surprise Pancakes when I was little by taking a little bit of every open container in my Nan’s cupboard and mixing it up with water. I remember using my thumb to make the little dents in the jam drops. And more than anything, I remember how it felt.

I never really could understand those people who see cooking as something separate or foreign. Food is such an integral part of life, indeed without it we probably wouldn’t have life. And it is wonderful. Who hasn’t walked past a bakery and felt a swelling of the spirit with the smell of freshly baked bread? Who hasn’t felt the playful lightness of a fingerful of cake batter? Who hasn’t felt that little cathartic rush when you chop through a green bean, or whip some egg whites into submission?

Cooking often forms a huge part of my life’s emotions. And as I’ve become more aware of its part in my life, it’s grown even more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to advocate a whole world with nothing but celebrity chefs (heck, I’m in the middle of a BA/LLB program, I certainly don’t have time, nor can I afford, to be spending all my time cooking). But no matter what you do, you still need food. Why not let that time you spend on it to bring some small piece of emotional nourishment as well?

In this blog, I hope to talk about the relationship I find between cooking and emotion, a tremendously interesting one to my mind, and maybe a few recipes as well.

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I am: a law student; a linguistics amateur; a fiancee; a friend; a sister; a cousin; a daughter; a granddaughter; a great-granddaughter; super into languages (especially French); Australian; a gardener; a cook; endowed with a sweet tooth; a reader; lazy; curious; sometimes wrong; sometimes right; sometimes confused; always keen to get to know other people and myself.

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